Keep Your Mind Healthy

Traveling at the Speed of Mind

When we feel stressed, over-extended, anxious, worried, running behind, short on time, or any of a thousand other variations of this all-too-common feature of our harried days, it is so natural to assume that the world “out there” is the source of our distress. Too much to do and too little time in which to get it all done. Learn more about how to quiet and calm your mind, while gaining control and comfort in your life.

Why PAUSING Ignites a Revolution to Develop Your Evolutionary Health

Modern medicine has brought us revolutionary advances that support better health. But, is the health that modern medicine supports what we mean by true healing? I think not. True healing is not just revolutionary but actually evolutionary. Over millions of years, we have gradually evolved to become self-organizing creatures capable of self-correcting and self-healing in the face of the vast majority of problems that beset us.

Walk Your Way to Brain Health

Who knew that active bipedalism could be so good for our brains!

Some evidence: A study found that in a sample of 900 men and women aged 65 and over, those who were active walkers, joggers, gardeners, dancers or bicyclers had noticeably thicker gray matter in their brains compared to those were not active exercisers at the start of the study.

Curiosity's Fire

I don’t know about you, but I find it a daily challenge to distinguish between being busy and being engaged, between doing what is urgent and doing what matters, and between being full and being satiated and gratified. 

Research on what sustains long-term mental vitality offers us clues about how these distinctions can be made each day.