Gut-Brain-Mind Health

Wise Choosing: Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

Since humans first began to live in larger organized communities: that is, since the dawn of societies and culture, three feared and often deadly scourges have afflicted humankind. Those afflictions were: famine, disease and war. In Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Homo Deus, he describes how for the first time in all of recorded human history, novel threats have emerged. More importantly, so have new opportunities to actively shape the fabric of our lives. Read on to learn to tame the new health threats by becoming a "wise chooser."

Why Does Our Health Rely on Two Brains & Trillions of Bacteria?

Living creatures didn’t always have what we picture today as brains. Before actual brains there were bellies, or at least some primitive way to absorb nutrients from the environment existing outside the organism. If there was plenty of food available, flowing toward and past the ancient organism like in ancient oceans, there was no real need for a primitive brain in the head. After all, in those times there wasn’t even a head to house a brain even if one were available! Read on to learn how we rely on our guts and their resident bacteria for our very lives!