Giving Thanks

River of Hope

More than a year has passed since I last posted. In that time, I’ve restructured my clinic - Partners in Healing of Minneapolis - to afford me more focus In my time with my clients. I have launched a new company featuring online programming addressing common, frustrating, and often debilitating chronic illness conditions ( I have devoted more time to hobbies, such as travel photography, that continually renew my energy, my creativity, and my passion for learning. And, I have witnessed the inexorable and unavoidable effects of living in the tenacious grasp of time’s passing - losing friends, connecting to an aging parent, conversations with friends that increasingly reference the ever-shifting balance between time still ahead and the time already passed.

I wonder what you have experienced in the past year? I wonder how you have managed when facing the ravages of depression, anxieties, relationship struggles, personal losses, and the disruptive influence of illness conditions afflicting mind and body? I wonder what sustains your sense of hope, optimism, and permits fearless realism enabling you to keeping looking toward the future with the renewed resilience that makes setbacks not only temporary sources of despair but also become the launch pads from which you push off, moving forward once again with the next phase of your life’s unfolding journey?

And, as always, if I can be a source of support, guidance, inspiration, and courage when you are in need, please contact me to schedule an appointment. I am here and eager to help.

My best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.