The Nine Keys online Program is an opportunity to hone your Staying Sharp skills.


What does everyone want? 

  • To be healthy;
  • To have their share of happiness;
  • And to love and be loved.

Yet these universal desires are not achieved by chance. They require that you care for your brain, mind and heart in the best possible ways as you age—and that you start now. The Nine Keys Online Program is meant to help you do this, and also to explore how you might live more authentically in the second half of life. Combining cutting edge information about brain health with simple and accessible practices, you will learn to create a more resilient brain, a vibrant mind, and an awakened heart.

Through guided exercises, personal reflection, and online discussion, the program brings to life the 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain. Learn to put these keys into practice and enliven the second half of your life.

The Nine Keys Online Program will launch in 2017. Join the community below to receive early, discounted access to the program.