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May Video Newsletter

Each month's video newsletter is organized around a central theme. This month's theme addresses the importance of knowing how to navigate the perpetual tug-of-war that exists within us between our need for change and our need for sameness. We can't function without accumulating routines and habits that enable us to exercise some measure of control and predictability in our day-to-day lives. We are also designed to learn, constantly undoing what we've done as we continue to evolve throughout our lives.

As Plato said, "Nothing ever is, everything is becoming." We are always traveling to who and what we are becoming. We can do that without thinking or we can be more intentional about the "becoming" process. Too little routine and too much change and we live surrounded by randomness, chaos and existential amnesia where we fail to learn from our past. Too much routine and too little change and our lives become stale, stagnant and we start to mimic the "living dead" so popular in the current zombie craze. 

Tune in to this month's Newsletter and see what's in store for you. 

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