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Webinar - Youthful Living at Any Age

What are the secrets for sustaining youthful vigor - regardless of our age? How do we unlock our brain's ability to keep growing and renewing itself so our ability to address our struggles more effectively? Whether you wrestle with depression, post-traumatic difficulties, panic, insomnia, pain, digestive distress, or relationship conflict, the central question is what types of life experiences and daily practices activate our "neuroplastic potential," the process by which the neurons in our brain rewire to support new habits and life-transforming personal change?

I'll be posting this 60-minute webinar, free of charge, through social media links to this website for your viewing, learning and personal use to jump-start your efforts to begin or continue to make the personal change you are seeking. 

I invite you to post your reactions and your experiences with applying the practices I offer. Thanks in advance for sharing...


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"Enlarging Your Life" Weekly Blog