Mind-body psychotherapy

As a holistic psychologist, my work blends together modern neuroscience with practices drawn from the world’s great wisdom traditions. My therapeutic approach is forward-looking and works to activate your innate personal resources.

My therapy work is organized around 4 Key Assumptions.

  1. Change is inevitable. Our task is to help you orient to the change process in a positive direction.

  2. Symptoms, whether physical, mental/emotional or both often develop in response to people’s efforts to cope with change. Our task is to help you learn effective coping strategies that allow your symptoms to subside or even disappear.

  3. Knowing how to use your mind can help you rewire your brain and transform your life. Our task is to help you tap into the rich variety of methods available to sharpen your mental focus and increase your emotional resilience so that the full potential of your miraculous brain can be put to work for you in your day-to- day life.

  4. Learning to adjust and adapt to the unexpected is an essential coping skill to live life more fully, with greater meaning and purpose and with greater joy. Our task is to increase your ability to recognize uncertainty and the unexpected as the raw material upon which a resilient life is built and turn that into essential strategies for living well.

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