Clinical hypnosis services

Clinical hypnosis is the name for a set of skills that I incorporate into some of my work that helps you to access your inner resources more effectively and reach your therapy goals more quickly.

Chronic pain; digestive disorders; depression; anxiety; sexual functioning challenges; insomnia; resolution of lingering effects of past trauma; relationship-based intimacy challenges; habit control; preparation for medical/dental procedures…

This is but a partial list of conditions or concerns that have a proven record of getting better faster when clinical hypnosis is incorporated into the treatment process. I have been studying and using clinical hypnosis in my professional practice for more than 20 years. I have been teaching hypnosis to other professionals and to my clients for nearly as long. I am well-recognized by reputable national and international professional training organizations for my work with hypnosis.

While there are many misunderstandings about what hypnosis is and is not, I invite you to explore it with me so that you too can discover its powerful benefits.

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