About Me

I’m Dr. David, a clinical psychologist and I conduct my practice in Minnetonka, MN. My practice focuses on the needs of adults and couples facing emotional challenges like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic struggles and the loss of emotional and sexual intimacy/sexual functioning, as well as physical challenges like digestive difficulties (Irritable Bowel) or causes of on-going pain (migraine/headache).

I am trained in clinical hypnosis and incorporate it into my work to access its powerful capacity to help clients to reach their therapy goals more easily and effectively. I lead workshops and retreats for health professionals and general audiences. I am available as a speaker and am also an active trainer of health professionals nationally.

About My Background

My background and experience have taught me how mind and body interact to have a positive impact on health and illness conditions. 

My study of the brain and its connection to our daily activities has taught me how to put the brain’s amazing capacity to “re-wire” itself to work for you so your brain supports your most important and cherished life goals.

My three decades of active practice have immersed me in how to help you transform struggle into courage, fear into opportunity, and doubt into open-minded curiosity about the possibilities that lie ahead on your journey to youthful and vital aging.